Games to practise / learn English

Playing games is a very enjoyable and effective way of learning new vocabulary.
 You can help your child to learn the parts of the body by playing a popular British children’s game called Simon says.
In the game, one person gives instructions like “(Simon says) point to your leg/arm/nose/mouth/etc.”  If the instructions include the words Simon says, then the other players must follow the instructions. If the words Simon says are not included, then the other players should stay still. Itcan be fun, especially in small or large groups at birthday parties!You can, of course, vary this game to focus on other vocabulary – Simon says stand, sit, smile, Simon says jump, put your hands on your head – and so on.
This free vocabulary activity is another way to learn or review words for parts of the body, and it uses words from ‘Cambridge Starters’.

If you would like to try some other games and vocabulary activities to practise your English, please click here.

Happy learning!




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