Write and improve updated!

If you want to practise your written English for your course, exam or general interest, the Cambridge Write & Improve service gives you feedback in seconds. Simply choose a task, write or upload your text and submit your writing for feedback. This web-based service offers you the opportunity to practise at your own pace.

Similarly, if you would like to complement this online service with personalised writing tuition and guidance from an experienced English tutor and author, please click here. Personal tuition with written English is available in specially designed lessons for individuals or small groups – or by video conference (Skype etc.) with support via email and computer-based exercises too.

Click here to find out more about distance learning with MiProfe.


Further information from the provider of Write and Improve:

Es fácil.
1) Elija un tema
2) Escriba una redacción en inglés
3) Reciba una respuesta al instante
4) ¡Empiece a mejorar!

Write & Improve es un servicio gratuito para estudiantes de inglés que quieren practicar la expresión escrita en inglés. Envíe su redacción y reciba una respuesta en cuestión de segundos donde se evaluará la ortografía, el vocabulario, la gramática y el estilo en general.



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